Friday, April 30, 2010


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He likes big dicks and he cannot, all jokes aside Ludacris has signed on to endourse Trojan's Magnum condoms geared towards the hip hop community.

The ads are a part of their “Magnum Live Large” radio, television and print campaign.

As part of the campaign, fans can join the 'Living Large' contest to win a $5,000 cash prize for penning lyrics to tracks available on promoting the condoms through their “magnum themed” lyrics.

Contestants will upload their entries to the site where visitors can vote for their favorites.

In addition to the cash prize the winner will win tickets to Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash, a Hip-Hop festival in Atlanta.
For more information on Luda and his Magnum Live Large campaign check out

I say do whatever you gotta do to get these kids to wrap it up!

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